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Oh Asmara! (Poem & Pictures)

Newly built park in Asmara with post independence constructed buildings behind it


Oh, Asmara!!!
Africa’s Pompeii
What can I write?
Or what can I say to thee?
Thou art the beautiful city
With long streets
And broad avenues
Overshadowed by palm trees
Beneath magnificent edifices
Of Italian villas and flats.
The monuments and palaces

With their Doric columns
Borrowed by the Romans
From war-like Greeks
Who were their subjects.
The Coptic church
With Byzantine icons
And twin towers
Like Metera and obelisks
Standing tall …..

Above the entrance walls
Overlooking the Mosque
Which one can see in wonder
The beauty of Islamic architecture.

The nearby Cathedral
A reminiscence of Gothic art

In this very heart
Of our sacred city
Once full of opera houses
Where the colonial masters
Used to entertain
During the hay day.
Asmarina, oh, Asmarina
Che bella……..!


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