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CBC Fifth Estate or CBC 'False Estimate'?


Recently the CBC fifth Estate host Mark Kelly reported a sort of fairytale Cinderella type of story which Eritrean-Canadians jokingly nicknamed as “CBC False Estimate”. Indeed it was False Estimate because; it neither respected the basic value of journalism nor the values of the audiences.
This False Estimate was deliberately produced to tarnish the Government of Eritrea, the people of Eritrea, and its leadership as well as Nevsun. So Mark chose the usual smear campaign lyrics “Dealing with a Dictator”, the footage of “Alshabab” and “A shot Gun Marriage” language.

As far as I know, NEVSUN investment at the Bisha Mining is the pride of the majority Eritrean- Canadians and Canadians, who believe in mutual growth.  NEVSUN established a productive tie with the Government of Eritrea based on bilateral economic development.  This relationship is so unique of its kind in which unlike many “developing nations” suffer to fulfil the interest of the ‘developed nations’, the Bisha Mining however benefits both NEVSUN and the people or the Government of Eritrea.

NEVSUN initiative is so unusual to the main stream Western values. It is very disturbing for Mark and your typos to see an African nation deals with Western World Company rooted on its VAULES and PRICNICPLES! The question that you pressed why NEVSUN agree with Eritrea over and over again was the manifestation of your concern. You seemed more frustrated why NEVSUN respected the CORE Eritrean values or the Policy of the government: Self Reliance.

This Eritrean Value/ the policy of The Government of Eritrea have been a threat for a long time to those whose values are: genocide and conquer, destabilize and colonize, human trafficking and torture, greed and all inhumane practices around the globe. Hence, Eritrea is encountering complex challenges that evolve from various angles at different times for decades. On this account, Andre Velthck articulated how and why Eritrea is a threat to the usual mainstream ‘Western Ideology’, in his article ‘African Ideological Ebola for Imperialists’

According to my observation when Eritrea shows any progress, the smear campaign jazz started in media outlets including the CBC. Therefore, similar to the previous and current False Estimates, this report also aimed a) to discourage NEVSUN to continue its investment as well to discourage other investors b) to intervene the sustainable development or self reliant growth in Eritrea. The main concern of the forever greedy and inhumane is: Eritrea would share its SELF RELIANCE values to other nations of Africa!

The production of this fabricated image however is not new for the Government of Eritrea, the people of Eritrea and its leadership.  Although, it is absurd to encounter nonstop lies, we get used to the smear campaign disseminated from various sources including the very first “Black” American President Obama. Regardless Eritrea never lost its magnitude and marching forward! And nothing will be changed in the future either!  In this regard Araia Epherem in his recent post provided all the list of individuals and their failed attempts in detail.

The most ridiculous piece of this ‘False Estimate’ was the footage of Alshabab!

Mark, whether you name it Alsahabab, terrorist, jihad… could be any other name, these entities were created and supported by the usual greedy and inhumane group to destabilize nations and kill the people in the name of freedom and democracy. Referring back to the Eritrean history, Eritrea is the nation which has been fighting terrorism since 1994, which was before September 11, 2001. This is another homework that you need to gather about basic history of Eritrea and enrich your poor journalism.

Mark, the title of your False Estimate “dealing with dictator” in fact was the main theme of your piece. Just to remind you, the smear campaign against The President of Eritrea Isayas Afeworki (Wedi Afeworki) as a ‘dictator’ or ‘repressive government’ has also been the main agenda of those who sweat tirelessly to “change the regime in Eritrea”! He is for sure the ‘main carrier of the values of SELF RELIANCE’ and challenges the Western Values/ Ideologies since his young age during Eritrean liberation struggle to this day. Therefore, he should be demonized and if possible to be eliminated before he shared the ‘values of self reliance’ to other leaders of African nations. To the contrary the more he is demonized the more he becomes resilient and stands tall with all Eritreans, except few sell outs.

For your information, your piece of blunt fabrication upsets many Eritrean Canadians including myself. However, I personally, would like to remind you that taking into consideration the foundation of our multicultural values in Canadian society, you should be able to respect the value of other communities or societies?  Second, before you finger point to any other nations and leadership you better clean your back yard first.  I am afraid if you are aware of the Treaties between the indigenous people and the settlers.  Referring to this specific relationship and its impact on the indigenous communities what would you call it Mark? “A Gun Shot Marriage?! Or “Genocide and Conquer Marriage? I better leave to you the choice of vocabulary as English is my third language.

However, since you got this prestigious job at CBC, the popular media outlet in Canada,  it important to investigate the lives of indigenous people on reserve, and show the world the real experiences in their own land under the title of “The relationship between the ‘savages’ and’ humans’” with the footage of Queen Elizabeth.

Last but not least, we Eritreans, unlike those who cry about their past histories and challenges over and over again, are very forgiving people and look forward to educate our  history to others. We are fortunate enough to forgive and share the teaching of SHAEBIANISM which comprises our core values of self reliance, social justice and resilience informally and practically in our daily lives wherever we reside, including our leaders.


Amuke Zkri Nsematatna!
Awet Nhafash!
Bsrat  Luul Tesfay
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