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Eritrea: the port of Massawa commercial and tourism hub of the Horn of Africa

The Port City of Massawa 

The first maritime city of the country opens to international investment

By Adnkronos

With the refrigeration industry in the new port area which will open in 2016, the cement plant Gedem whose productivity is growing, and with the revival of tourism in the old town, Massawa aims to become the commercial hub of reference for the entire Horn 'Africa and the cities with the highest economic development of Eritrea. The Asmara government has already initiated investments for the infrastructure, especially with the development of new port and logistics systems connected, so now attract international investors.

"With China we have already developed major commercial partnerships – told Adnkronos engineer Musse, head of the newly formed Free Trade Area built inside the new port of Massawa – with them we built the whole part for the industry cold that has a high strategic value as it will allow Eritrea and other countries in the Horn of Africa have great access to maritime trade routes both for the East and for Europe. Through this hub we will improve all our exports starting with the production of fruits and cereals. "

The engineer Dawiet, manager of port operations, instead explains how it will change the entire port infrastructure: "We will leave the old port at the service of the old town of Massawa, because this part will have its new tourist destination and because this will be the area departure to the beautiful islands Dahlak. The new port area, which ultimeremo during 2016, instead will be made subservient to the refrigeration industry and the shipping departments primarily of mineral products from the Bisha mine. "

In industrial terms for the revival of Massawa an important role also plays the cement Gedem, placed at the south end of the bay on which overlooks the town, about ten kilometers from the center. A modern plant, operated by qualified personnel with Eritrean machinery once again Chinese. Gedem is the largest plant in the country and has a high strategic value because it is the first source of supply of cement for all work (primarily roads, dams and houses) that the government of Isaias Afewerki has started and is completing .

Given the growth of construction activities in Eritrea, Gedem company is rapidly growing and is one of those complexes in which international investors could usefully work on the model already successfully tested in Bisha Mine, the largest mining area of ​​the country, where the government Asmara has closed a deal with the Canadian Nevsun, leaving them 60 percent of the share capital and the control of activities.

But the real jewel in the eye of Massawa is the old city. The buildings are of exceptional beauty. Despite the signs of aging and the Ethiopian bombings the center has retained its charm. Shine architectures Italian of those who were once the headquarters of the Bank of Italy, the Governor's Palace or hotels like the Grand Hotel Torino. You can run in peace and admire the decadent charm, revealing virtually everywhere the signs of the presence of Italian architects.

"Tell the world how Eritrea is a beautiful and safe place," he says proudly of the Governor, a young woman who exudes great energy. The project is to recover all the historic buildings of Massawa and bring them back to their original splendor. This is because the plan to revive the country's tourism this city plays a key role for its inherent charm and its geographical location which allows it to be the gateway to the Dahlak Islands, an archipelago pristine yet to be discovered.

"They are wonderful islands placed in the middle of the Red Sea – explains Marilena Sweet, head of Live Eritrea, an independent site that is the reference of the Eritreans in Italy and tells the changes in a country marching towards normal – there is still everything to do. The largest hotel in Massawa is already an Italian. But the Dahlak is all to be developed. For those who want to invest in new destinations here are opportunities to be seized. "

(Article translated from Italian to English using online software)

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