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A breath of Fresh Air: Town Hall Meeting in Washington DC with Ambassador Girma Asmerom

H.E. Ambassador Girma Asmerom 

A breath of Fresh Air: Town Hall Meeting in Washington DC with Eritrea’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Ambassador Girma Asmerom/ December 13th, 2015.

By Mike Seium

Town Hall meetings are almost a way of life for Eritreans all over the world. Diaspora or in Eritrea, they serve as a way to stay in tune with what is going on in the motherland. This tradition began since before the independence of Eritrea and continues all throughout the world where Eritreans live. It is an indication that Eritreans for the most part are a people who care about their country’s affairs and despite the negative media attacks are aware of the true activities of their homeland.

On December 13, 2015 one of many town halls took place in the Metro DC area where over 1200 people showed up to listen to his Excellency Girma Asmerom current UN ambassador of Eritrea. The event was full house, which happens regularly when the Eritrean Govt. holds one of these town halls, unlike others who attempt to hold these types of meetings with a small amount of disgruntled people and come up with no solutions to their problems while at the same time attempting to deceive their funders by in fluxing their numbers.

What so awesome about this town hall meeting is it comes at a time when Eritrea continues to develop in every sector of its society while the geopolitics of the hostile region it is located in gradually changes. While the fire is burning to the south of Eritrea, the attempt to make it look like it is burning in Eritrea is failing miserably because Eritrea stands strong committed and working towards the promised land that it inherited 24 years ago. It has already surpassed many of its expectations in development and evident by the many questions that were being asked the time now is to transition to the next phase of creating a strong economic atmosphere.

Eritrea’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Girma Asmerom, conducted the seminar after being introduced by Dawit Haile from the embassy of Eritrea. His discussion focused heavily on foreign policy and all the illegal activities against the people of Eritrea taking place at the UN. He also discussed and informed the large audience about the relations that Eritrea is planting and seeding around the world, as the foreign ministry seems to have logged in thousands of frequent miles by attending many events across the globe.

Ambassador Girma asserted that the resilience of the Eritrean people is defeating the formidable challenges created to bring the nationdown is in reverse turning into opportunities. Economic policies by building strong partnership while avoiding dependence are starting to get results, the Ambassador underlined. He mentioned that despite all the attempts by the enemy quarters to stop a partnership Aid from the European Union, the EU has made a decision to work with a very accountable and able Eritrean Government heavily focusing on the energy sector.

The Ambassador then expressed to the people that the UN’s silence as one of the Guarantors of the Algiers agreement in the face of Ethiopia’s illegal occupation of sovereign Eritrean territories must be taken seriously if Peace is to reign in the region. He expressed dismay at the illegal sanctions against Eritrea and that they were purposely put together by the UN to damage the country’s developmental growth and economic stability. Meanwhile, Mr. Berhane Gebrehiwot, Charge d’Affairs at the Eritrean Embassy, briefed the participants on various economic and political developments and programs underway back home as well as some diaspora related topics. These important topics included the changing of Eritrean ID cards and local issues here in the metro DC area. Dr. Ghidewon Abay along with the Hizbawi Mekete team spoke to the public at large and expressed that the campaign to defend Eritrea is on going and that we must continue to remain vigilant at all times from those who are attempting to destroy Eritrea’s image.

The question and answer sessions as usual brought some excellent interactions some in the form of comments and some as questions. The nationalist comments from men and women add so much flare to these town hall meetings and give most Eritreans a reason to be inspired each time they leave the meetings. It is always such a pleasure to have the likes of Ambassador Girma Asmerom at these meetings as he continues to serve his people in almost every capacity of diplomacy representing Eritrea. It is to be recalled that Ambassador Girma was the ambassador of Eritrea to the USA not too long ago.

Awet N’Hafash.

Zelalemawi Zikri swatna.

Mike Seium

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