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The Eritrean Narrative is Pure, Earned and Priceless

Eritrean Freedom Fighters 

The Eritrean Narrative is Pure, Earned and Priceless

Amanuel Biedemariam

Eritrea possesses a unique narrative cultivated over decades paid-for with dear life of thousands of Eritreans. Eritrea is, in a way, lucky to have gone through a tough struggle that paved ways for narratives that clearly define and distinguish her apart from the rest. These narratives, based on principles, values and hard earned experiences are guiding Eritrea through some tumultuous times that have consumed many nations once-considered invincible.

In a nut shell, Eritrea is a self-reliant, social justice oriented, hardworking conscious nation willing to pay the price to ensure independence. Eritrea is a proven country through and through. Eritrea is a nation that believes on equality. Eritrea possesses values that are selfless and incorruptible. The attitude and personality of the people is glazed with unparalleled humbleness unseen in the saintliest of places. Modesty is pervasive from the president on to the average person. The order in the society is based on respect where elders are given priority; they are revered, treated with utmost dignity and respect.

These characters are engrained deep into the culture and have been part of Eritrean ways for generations. Eritrea is a country that values education and the importance of education is pushed hard by the families to ensure not only financial success but also a quality of life based on the highest human standards. Eritrea is a brilliant, agile and adaptable nation. Eritrea is dedicated to ensure success based on hard work using indigenous muscle and brain. Eritrea is patient and long-view oriented country unperturbed by the prevailing wind and able to weather storms and come out victorious against all odds.

If these qualities appear to be too good to be true, they are not. In fact, they are buttressed by a strong organizational structure that is the backbone of Eritrea and navigating her through the toughest of waters. Eritrea is tried every second by deadly intentions that are determined to annihilate her from existence. Yet, Eritrea is able to shrug it like an experience to be experienced and trial that it must pass-through to ascertain to naysayers that Eritrea is going nowhere in this lifetime, next or thereafter.

Yes, it is HIZBAWI GINBAR in Tigrignya, SHAEBIA in Arabic and PEOPLE’s FRONT in English. The Eritrean People Liberation Front (EPLF) led the struggle for liberation and, is now leading the emancipation process as People’s Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ).

From the beginning, the EPLF has shaped the mentality, the language, the work ethic, the dedication and the willingness to sacrifice for the greater good by example with patience. The EPLF have taught Eritrea strength by principled stances and unwavering stamina. They endured countless hardship yet, remained-still with long term price in mind. They sacrificed niceties, short term gains and withstood temptations that all African countries have fallen victim to, corruption. They stayed true and principled to their fallen comrades.

These are steel-willed women and men blessed by hearts of gold guiding Eritrea on a pace that fits the region and Eritrea like a glove. They have given up their life for Eritrea and they keep giving up everything to ensure continuity. They have patience, foresight and humbleness that some mistakenly underestimate. They are the women and men that gave birth to a nation, against all odds. They are the women and men that have taken the thankless job of liberating and building a nation. YES, they are the men and women of EPLF.


A great deal of effort and resources are invested to destabilize Eritrea. The initial hit was a military assault that culminated on the war that ended in May of 2000. Afterward, asymmetric warfare was waged against Eritrea using various tactics and sabotage activities. When that failed they tried to include Eritrea on the list of nations that sponsor terror. That failed and forced them to initiate the sanction measures to deny Eritrea the ability to defend herself, systematically kill the economy and suffocate her into submission. They coupled that with extremely aggressive strategy that attempted to deny Eritrea of her youth by giving them incentives to flee. They also tried to sally the independence struggle and thus minimize Eritrean heroic history by assaulting her history. That is the narrative that they wanted write, a desperate nation on flight.

That can and will never be the narrative because Eritrean narrative is pure unsaleable and independent. No matter how hard they try the people of Eritrea have the ability to write, rewrite their own narrative and DESTNIY. Eritrean narrative is and will always remain pure because it is seeded with pure blood of thousands that Eritrea paid for independence.


Zikrin KIbrin N-Suwu-Atna  
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The Eritrean Narrative is Pure, Earned and Priceless Reviewed by Admin on 12:04 PM Rating: 5


  1. Dear Amanuel as usual i have to say your words comes like drop of a tropical like a blade of Samurai's sward, candid like unspoiled fresh snow, as the old tigrinya "true like gold" Thanks brother for your advocacy, we're proud Eritrea have her children like you who defend Her still from this treacherous world for now and time to come..we're with you..
    btsot kab europe.

  2. Why is it hard to swallow that Eritrea under the mad dog is going shinti gemel?


  4. Why is it hard to swallow Eritrea went through a hard time on the last 50 years but Eritrea is coming through and have been working hard to build the nation one step at a time? Kem shinty gemel nidihrit..atahasasiba natka/ki yum

  5. Stonehead Rora,
    Why do you think the Government of Eritrea is Loved, Appreciated, Followed by the 99% people of Eritrea from inside and outside? The followers have nothing to hide but do it openely unlike the others who work from their hiding places secretly to demoralise, divide and paralise our unity. Watch our festivities, our gatherings, our heartfelt love and dedication to the country unlike the 1% who cry for personal reasons and side with our enemies, scream their hateful slogans to squeeze Eritrea by the means of sanction and smuggling our underage youth from the country exposing them to suffering and open seas and shores? Do we have a reason to trust the ill-doers rather than those who work hard in person for betterment of the country ? which ones are drawing us backward like shinti gemel ? woyane mixture groups or the "Mad Dog" who stand tall and straight among his people and dedicate his life to Eritrea? Poor Rora wake up and trust your guts because the world has noticed who the bad guys are and started to voice for the reality on the ground too.

  6. Hahaha, how do u know that the the mad dog is loved by 99%? Do u have the statistics with you....i would rather say he is hated by 99%...of the population inside and outside.
    Few like you loves him for the sake of small personal gains.

  7. Is living in the darkness with out electricity, with out fuel, with out bread, with out portable water.....thousands left the country and being murdered all around the this going forward for you.
    Zey snikha huxa kortmelu yblu abotat.

  8. You are allergy toHonesty and truth .

  9. You should thank God for being small in size, power less and dirty poor to have any effect; otherwise The big america would have dismanteled you and by now you could have been in peices. GURA...GURA...WILL SEE YOU IN THE NEXT YEAR OR TWO.

  10. "a desperate nation on flight" .... I couldn't have said it better myself. Amanuel, let me congratulate you for being the first person to purely, accurately and in the most understandable way define to the world what Eritrea has come to be. Nearly 200,000 lives lost over 4 decades and that is the label and description that has become most fitting for the country. "a desperate nation on flight" - Indeed....

  11. KirKir, you want to ask that same question to the nearly 120,000 Eritrean refugees languishing in camps in Northern Ethiopia? They'd tear you up from limb to limb.

  12. ata qurub shekkor s te iti melhaska ère zemel aka temesel..waoh what a stone

  13. Dugul,
    It is not that clever of you to scribble from your hiding place, but never dare to say what you say to thoes inside Eritrea in person LOL

  14. Gura,
    You just check your areas how the people gather and celebrate the 24th independence in good mood and with full respect to our hardworking warsays and ykalos (ie includs our President:))


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