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President Isaias Afewerki: The Founding Father

These men, who were led by Isaias Afwerki (yellow arrow), left ELF to create what would arguably be one of the greatest revolution in modern history. They rejected tribalism, religious fundamentalism and sexism. They believed in equality and in empowering women. But above all, they believed in self reliance. When this picture was taken in 1974, all of Eritrea's independence hopes rested on the shoulders of a confident 27-year-old Isaias. He took on the challenge and led Eritrea to victory. 

President Isaias Afewerki: The Founding Father

By Bereket Kidane,

It is common knowledge that President Isaias Afewerki (PIA) is the founding father of the Eritrean State. The objective evidence for that assertion is overwhelming. The Eritrean Liberation Front, with whom PIA started as a combatant, was riddled with tribalism and sectarianism in the 1960s and early 70s. It was only when he and his comrades split from the ELF and founded the EPLF that the Eritrean people became united and shed tribal and religious thinking. His record of accomplishment as the Secretary General of the EPLF and the first President of Eritrea is extraordinary.  PIA truly has been and still is Eritrea’s “Indispensable Man,” the essential man not only in winning independence  but also in successfully keeping Eritrea united and sovereign during its early vulnerable years.

People today forget how close the Eritrean sovereignty came to being put at great risk as a result of the extraordinary betrayals witnessed during Weyane’s Western-backed invasion. PIA was critical in preventing the collapse of the Eritrean State. Without his great skill as a unifier and without his charisma and vision, Eritrea would not exist today. It is a record of leadership without parallel in Africa or the Middle East. For that, he will always occupy a permanent place in the pantheon of Eritrean heroes.

He is also the essential man in guiding Eritrea at this juncture of its history. He has proven to be incorruptible. He leads by example. He is clearly the greatest Eritrean of his age and has been an inspirational figure worthy of both admiration and affection for nearly half a century now since he interrupted his university studies and dedicated his life to freeing his people. Resolute, determined and possessing a backbone made of steel, PIA is the rarest of men, a realistic visionary who combines a realistic view of human nature with a vision of what a free and united Eritrea could be for posterity. He has dedicated his entire life to making that vision a reality.

The West has always tried to undermine leaders of developing countries who can’t be bought and jealously guard their country’s resources while keeping their people united. In Eritrea’s case, they have tried everything to bring the government and its people down using their favorite useful idiot, Weyane. Although no one is above reproach, we have seen how Weyanes and their lackeys attack PIA, tegadeltis and even Hamid Idriss Awate (you can expect those attacks around September 1) as an indirect and sometimes direct way of attacking the very notion of a sovereign Eritrea. For all intents and purposes, an attack on PIA is an attack on the very notion of a sovereign Eritrea. For that reason, he will always be us and we will always be him.

Picture of Isaias in 1967 at the Nanjing Military College in China. The ELF sent him along with four other fighters to study political ideologies and guerrilla warfare. Standing L-R: 5th Isaias Afwerki, 6th Mahmoud Ibrahim Chekini/Cecchini, martyred 1972, 7th Ramadan Mohammed Nur, 9th Ahmed Adem Omer. Sitting L-R: 3rd Ahmed Ibrahim Ahmed

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President Isaias Afewerki: The Founding Father Reviewed by Admin on 6:50 PM Rating: 5


  1. PIA shuts down NYC!

  2. Watch the Lion of Nakfa walk through a crowd numbering in the tens of thousands with almost no security detail. If any other president tried a similar stunt, they wouldn't live to tell about it.

  3. We will always love The Lion of Nakfa!

  4. Ayeyeyey, Bereket, have you lost your mind? The founding fathers are Aboy Woldeab, Shek Ibrahim sultan... Esseyas Afeworki for Eritrea is a destroying father.
    He isolate the whole nation as an Island, he is leading the country into its graveyard and killed the country economically and politically. He never was the lion of Nakfa. In case you don't know the real history, the lions of Nakfa are in eraero. There was no any war be it big or small lead by wedi mehdhin berad, just for the record.

  5. Wedi Ere, don't wast your time. These individuals including the writer. Bereket, they all are sellouts who put their needs at the front instead of the needs of their people. I am glad, we have historians who know the drunkard leader deep inside.

  6. What is the relevance of this fabricated article? He dropped out of Addis Ababa University, to the fact that he couldn't compete.

    Bereket, stop licking the ass of the dictator.

  7. Mission Accomplished!July 16, 2014 at 9:02 PM

    Mission Accomplished!
    Secretary General of the EPLF voting in the referendum

  8. Avoid gossip from inside your caves. update yourselves and
    ENJOY the reality JUJ MAN-JUJ .LOL feel sorry for you.

    Wedi Afom at his BEST !,d.bGQ

  9. Eat your heart out! Even small kids used to sing ". . . Isaias Afewerki, tekhelakalai tanki. . . " What were you doing then?

  10. Fabricated? How old are you? Where were you then. Lomi mishet ktbihrir kthadir ikha!

  11. Gasha, ekul wedi neyre, n adeka yigebra neyre.

  12. Lets all change our fathers name to Isaias hahaha. We should respect him as Kim Il-sung. We cannot live without him. I cann't see my life without him hahaha. I heard PIA can even listen to Dolphins. He is the most Genius creature ever in the planet. Eritrean people did little ,Isaias did most the work for getting independence hahaha.

  13. Did I hear Tesfom and Democracy in one sentence? Cannot be true,let me check my ears

  14. @Solo: You must really be living on your own universe!

    Students dropout for various reasons, some to raise children, some for financial, some for love of a woman/man, some for love of their people and country (Isaias Afeworki), some for business and invention (Steve Jobs) , some due to health, should I continue? Well,
    Bill Gates (worth 60+ Billion Dollars) was also a college dropout.
    The college dropout of Isaias is however at the top of all dropouts and non-dropouts. Let me ask you where you stand. Are you a college graduate? If you are, how good is your degree compared to the above list of "dropouts"? If you were a dropout, what was the reason? Bad grades? BTW: There are many smart people with little formal education (English Scientist Michael Faraday)

    FYI: Below is a list of famous billionaire dropouts,
    P.S. You have the right not to like/agree/support/etc/ Isaias Afeworki.

  15. The greats black man who is building really independent and free a black nation. As Abdurahman babu ones said in the liberated eritrean territory during the struggle for liberation " am pleased to witness the real beginning of freedom of African countries".I would like to add this, all great black man who died for the ideal of pan africanism, they would surely be happy of eritrean experience of resistance. So, I thank you mr president for your leadership and holding the dream of our martyrs. Wetru awet n hafash!!

  16. @Wedi ere: you seem to contradict yourself on why and who the founding fathers of Eritrea should be. I don't think you have to be the leader in a war to qualify as the founding father of a country.I don't believe Aboy Woldeab or Ibrahim Sultan lead any conventional wars. Leaders get credit/blamed for their work be it fighting for their country or leading any other type of work. If we follow this above rule, the group of Eritrean freedom fighters (ELF, EPLF,SABE) have a case to be named as founding fathers of Eritrea. Isaias Afeworki should definitely be on the top list of founding fatherS of Eritrea. The list will definitely include Hamid Idris Awate, Aboy Woldeab, Ibrahim Sultan, and many others. I will not vote for him, but even the likes of Abdela Idris (ELF) may think they are the founding fathers.

  17. Bereket,
    Well said.
    Awet nhafash.

  18. True Dahlak, to the contrary if you look at the actual african leaders you feel ashamed cause of their blind corruption, selfishness, bigbellyness ect..i never knew a lead whose sons live in africa and stading in public school and doing an ordianry life, that was Thomas Sancara's case, but the evils kills him through his comrades, and we can mention some other few brilliant leaders of the past.
    At the moment i would say only H.E.PIA is the only Hero alive.

  19. Sip 2dl Berekina as a mouthwash. It helps LOL

  20. The know him from deep inside? Sounds borderline gay. Are you hiding something from us "batty boy"?

  21. Check this out, the professy of Wedi Afom decades ago is TRUE ! unlike woyane vision of enslaving a whiteman (trampling over innocent Ethiopians) for quick fix :)

  22. Solo kemzi zemesel zereba abzi web betebki zetekelkele iyu, nementay si nay tsergia seneserat megletsi selezekone, Eritrawi entedea koynka aytehferena, kemzi zeameselu seb selezeybelna..
    Kurub si werzey bel..aykonen kemti btsay zebelo, baàl Berekina wey DDT zebhal mefewsi allo.

  23. Kab mes hassawit alem mehwas, isolation yehayesh mieti kab mieti Wedi Erre hawey..ayfalkan..dahray mes adghi zekede trat adghi lemede kebahal. kurubat friends gen kunuat kukonu allowom, mesh? Hanti nay italy mesela alla kemzi tebl:
    "better alone than badly accompanied"

  24. where he find his father mekel tgray i am sure he dident find his father in eritrea because most those ihgdef [rat] we don't know where they are from seem to is they have been pretend as ?

  25. I agree, Sillas. When you walk with the truth, you walk with God. God is the most powerful friend.

  26. Dear Gasha,
    I believe Wedi Ere or "Not Wedi Ere" is more appropriate was selling beles and trying to chase kids who ate "beles nay Sanya" on him when little kids were singing:
    Isayas Afewerki,
    Tekalakalay Tanki
    Niska Tigadel
    Adeka Tibeki

  27. Rock of GibraltarJuly 17, 2014 at 1:29 AM

    President Isayas is Eritrea's Rock of Gibraltar! He truly is the rock!

  28. Founding BrothersJuly 17, 2014 at 1:52 AM

    Dearest B. Adal,
    It is true Eritrea has many founding fathers. Top of the list as you said is Isaias Afeworki. Others are Sebhat Efrem, General Wichu, Romodan Mohamed Nur, Ali Said Abdella...etc
    It is more like founding brothers. However, PIA is at the top of the list. No doubt about it.

  29. Go kill your self it's a shame for you mother dat she gave birth to a dumb FUCK

  30. After all these good evidence of our president, I wish to see now a dialogue with his people regarding the short comings! I can speak proudly Eritrea is the most peaceful country in the world. Because of his leadership, Eritrea has achieved most of the MDG goals. Recently controlling HIV/Aids rate is posted. I can say many things but I want to underline why are people leaving their country? How could we control the momentum? I need to read dialogue on the particular shortcomings to discuss it here also with possible convincing reasons.

  31. Bereket sure is kissing ass. DIA is nothing but a dictator. From day one God know how many people he has killed.

    I don't care how much you try to promote him Bereket, a dictator is a dictator.

  32. DIA and his body guards!

  33. Obviously some people don't want to give credit where it is due. PIA is a truly incorruptible leader. He is no chocolate which melts over a little heat. Very much unlike you, he didn't run off to some Western country shehani kihatsb.....

  34. Brother,
    In my mind, I'm 100% with you based on little knowledge of Eritrean history. The historians in EPLF would know better than myself, that is the reason I said H.E Isaias Afeworki should be on the top list of founding fatherS of Eritrea. It is similar to asking who is the greatest basketball player of all time. I would say M.J. Older generations might say Bill Russell; the new gestation might say Koby or Lebron James.

  35. Mr. B.Adal -
    Do you know what wichu said when he was asked how and why he joined the eplf? he said he was hanging out with his friends and they heard isayas afeworki had come back to eritrea through the red sea and was in the area. they wanted to meet him and when they did they decided to join on the spot.

  36. DIA => Dearest Isaias Afeworki.
    His body guards => 6Million Eritreans.

  37. Correction in last sentence.
    Please replace gestation by generation.

  38. Aybelkun do? Bahrirka! Sidinetka dima abrihkalna! Why don't you verify your claim instead. All the more evidence your motivation is extreme, pathological hatred to the man. It is destructive to yourself; a fact that you demonstrate with your infantile response! Your thinking and reasoning faculty upstairs must have been damaged.

    I will say it again. Those of you who think you are opposing the government of Eritrea expose yourselves in your attempt to denigrate everything about the government and its leaders. You resort to insults because you know very well that you have nothing to offer and that you cannot convince us.

    Besides, by trashing your own people and country, you are helping the Weyane. You come here with Weyane ideas (probably told to do so by the same. It is time to pay up! No more free money, you got to show some results!), your work strengthens the Weyane, you are practically the Weyane!

  39. History attests the act of idealizing and glamorizing blood drenched tyrants is a shared trademark. Tyrants including those with confused ideologue to justify their killing spree to stay in power use every available socio matrix including creative art as their last resort. This was often tried by the cohorts of Mussolini, Hitler, Gadhafi, Saddam, Idi Amin and Pinochet but the end is a living example. What we are witnessing is, therefore, the recurrence of the same frantic effort done by the associates of Wedi 40. And its goal is to polish the image of the psychotic despot who has caused countless contemptible crimes against native Eritreans.

  40. Why is it a crime when our gov't asks the necessary payment for the service given to oneself? All embassies have a fixed amount of money paid for visas. This is paid for the service given. Now a days there are agencies who facilitate embassies visa process and are paid for their service. Why don't we condemn such as these? Oh why do we go far away and try to justify what is a normal process to other countries? We pay for affidavit, for authorization of documents etc. to foreign affairs or legal institution. Life is give and take. What surprises me is not your accusation but the officials who are denying the fact and support your false accusation. Please think positive and free yrself from hatred. Everything asks payment in foreign countries while paying tax is not taken as a must in our practices.

  41. Sailor: Yes I heard it from the The Man himself on EreTv during his funeral days. I was luck to have met General Wuchu in Nakfa on the 25th anniversary of its independence. We all heard and repeated many great stories of Issias Afeworki when we were kids. How sad some have very short memories of Isaias. You may oppose his policy today, but to deny his deeds is denying the history of EPLF.

  42. dude, read this article again and you will find out who is the founder and your leaders they will tell you PIA is the founderand master,even the opositions know this!

  43. PIA the undisputed revolutionary leader.

  44. What a smart Tigrean! I am always wondering how a man can be a king in a country of others? It is really amazing.


  46. Good point, I would have hoped that the 2% tax would have been increased to 5-10%, which would be used to finance a wage increase for the youths building up our county. Youths today make 500 nakfa. I would have like to see an wage increase to around 5000-10000 nakfa a month, financed by the diaspora. That would not only stem the outflow of eritrean youths, but make them more motivated.

  47. Time is like a hot furnace, it mercilessly tests the mettle of every metal; while the fraud are crumbled and disfigured, the real are made to sparkle and glow.
    During the wake of our military victory over Ethiopian colonialism and its Soviet surrogates, to the majority of Eritreans, isaias afewerqi was the Lion of Naqfa. Little did they know that he had cultivated his false persona by fraudulent means, such as by murdering his competitors using Murder Squads, by taking credit of successful operations performed by others, by laying blame on others for his own failures etc. etc.
    Indeed, isaias afewerqi is/was a fox of Naqfa as clearly attested by the grim situation our people are going through. I am not unaware of his hide-outs, his scapegoats-------> such as woyane invasion, USA never accepted Eritreans independence etc. All of these and many others of his evasions are worn out lies, of which no genuine Eritrean believe any longer. Even those who profess to do so do so of personal interest.
    The Bologna dankera for which multimillions dollars wasted, was his desperate make-belief attempt to fool Eritreans. Of course, in vain.

  48. Correction, don't marginalize him by saying a "black man", PIA is Habesha by the grace of God and Eritrean for eternity ! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. The point he was trying to make is that PIA is the leader of a non-European country. By definition, he is an African and hails from an African country that was colonized from a European power.
    I guarantee you if PIA was the leader of a white European country, he would have been hailed as the second coming of a Winston Churhchil.

  50. Moon, typical of you; isaias said one must be from the moon, and you take it at wholesale and come-up with such a nick. The inferiority complex you are ridden with was also explained by bTsai during the woyane invation advanture, then too PIA said if you say white they will say more white than white.
    You say you know where the money is spent, then why ask the moronic questions? Don't people normally ask anout things they do not know about?
    Anyways change your nick to mooning then we will wax your ass for you.

  51. It is much better than enslaving whiteman like woyane, isn't it? LOL

  52. Put that "Habesha" back to your widemouth. There is country or a race called HABESHA.

  53. Eritrea is RICH so do not EVER try the SQUEEZ small coins from dedicated and hardworking landsmen WHO DO THEIR UTMOST TO SUPPORT. Those of you who cry for 2%,5%,10% (for attention) NEVER EVER paid a COIN bigmouth ! What you workhard for is to create gap and irritation among the people and government Period.

  54. Dude... Habesha is a name of a tribe... anyways.. don't have time to explain, please read credible books. The point is, when you just put the word "black" this "black" ..."Africa" this .."Africa" are marginalizing PIA and many Eritreans true identity, PIA is Habesha as many Eritreans are and off course he is an Eritrean. So listen homie, no "black" man from pathetic "African" nations came to defend and die for Eritrea, rather all "African" nations turned a blind eye when Eritrea was bleeding and as it continues to bleed until today, so don't even mention "Africa" when discussing the achievement of PIA and Eritrea, the glory belongs to Eritreans but no one else. Do you understand? Only those who do not know or do not have heritage identify themselves by "color". Therefore, keep your ignorance and "blackness" to your self.

  55. I still want to lobby for our shortcomings. This brings understanding. Are we ready to do this? How well are we capable of evaluating the situation in our country*? Where were we before 25 years? Insulting and undermining ones idea might not be good. Let us be prepared to confront such issues. I believe the income and the expenditure of our country is not enough to lead a country. We don't export things and have no enough income to accommodate all our expenses. The free education, the minimum payment for health services, salary to employees etc need a huge amount of money. A matured person can understand that managing one family is difficult let alone a country which has a meager income. Let us stop comparing our country to other country and be ourselves. Negative feeling takes us nowhere. Today's posted article has discussed everything.

  56. I didn't know the brave woyanes are also enslaving white men. May be you are right as is the case with the chinese, if considered as white men, who are really workinghard like slaves in reconstructing ethiopia. The mighty woyanes are beyond description of words and they are brutally smart too in making the most benefit out of the western white men and their counterpart eastern ones as well. The mighty woyanes know no boundary in controlling the neighboring countries too; Eritrea through their brother Issayas, whereas Somalia, djibouti and S.sudan through other proxies. In other words we can say the brave woyanes are ruling the entire Eastern Africa.

  57. What a handsome and intelligent Tigrean. Well done!

  58. Hi saba, it was no more an insult than those that insult our intelligence; aside from that thou, your statements are well recieved despite loaded with generalizations and so is always good to engage constructively and lay criticism where due. I believe the country not only managed to survive on its own, but has performed miracles in developmental achievements and human capacity building.
    I agree with you it is hard to lead ones own life and family let alone a country; that is why i am in agreement with you there is no better leaders than EPLF for Eritrea and Eritreans.

  59. Ok, so what is our "personal interest"? Actually, why don't you tell us what your personal interest is? Also please don't forget to tell us which one of the G15s is your uncle and how you end up being related to Meles Chenawi.

  60. How much does the Meles Chenawi group paying you for one paragraph?

  61. "a significant blow to Eritrea and its supporters"? What do you mean by that? I didn't know you are a woyane Chiwawa (Kelbi)

  62. Sabina, let me give you an example. When the woyanes kill someone they turn around and pretend to help find the killer along with the relatives of the deceased. You want to ask the Eritrean government why people are leaving the country instead of asking those who are organizing it? Why don't you ask those who are deceiving young Eritreans by spreading false promises?

  63. Even you CHIWAWAs are saying that Meles Chenawi is your father.

  64. You want to see a handsom Tigraian? Look at Meles Chenawi ... Kikikiki ....

  65. I wonder where you come from?

  66. I couldn't say it better.thanks


  67. Hahaah, Isaias is agame live by other people credit.he never even wendeded. Where are the other people in the picture? From all those heros he is the only one right? Come on we are not going to buy that story isias is a cowherd.

  68. For example who give false promises to my close relatives? It is not me or my siblings. They just left their countries and are crying now. I know some who send money to bring their relatives for a better life. The bottom line is not only better life. There is fear and sentiment of insecurity in our country. Insecurity is pushing them leave their country. From where is this insecurity comes? I have seen youngsters leave their country in the Emperor regime, Mengistu's and now. Lot were said in those times and there is a lot of change too i.e from feudalism, in our case colonialism etc etc. Where and when do we stop this? When I was a child Africa was called a dark continent. It still continued that we Africans to live in dark. I feel the problem is internal. Why do the Europeans live peacefully? Our opposition are enlarging the difference instead of narrowing it. There is a proverb I know in Amharic. A monkey was full of thorn and a man asked her which part to remove to her first she said 'yemekemechagne'. It is just like this. We fought for independence and declared Eritrean citizenship. Now we are in a big question mark. It is because of the opposition group attitude. This is not a joke! Just because we degrade or nag bring no change. We should open our mind and see 360 degree.

  69. Meles zenawi was half Eritrean and he looked like his mother but Issayas is 100% Tigrean. You see the difference?

  70. Yes you are right woyanes are controlling the East by their lies, theft, twisting arms, interfering among the people. But give me an evidence that ANYONE of woyanes is LOVED and RESPECTED like THE PRESIDENT OF ERITREA (TEGADALAY ISAYAS AFEWORKI) NOONE OF THEM ! is people's choice. We do not see the love from the bottom of the heart. To make sure ask the Ethiopian people who are deprived from their homes.

  71. Fedayeen,
    The word "Habesha" means Abesinya, the name given by Italians inorder to stretch their colonization Eritrea/Ethiopia to the RedSea. And this common name is given to all Amhara/Tigrigna speakers inside Eritrea and Ethiopia, which makes the Ethiopians to claim as ONE and only race. So why an Eritrean who fought for his own identity for decades have to call hiself for Habesha. You are destroying the cause of our martyrs ideology. Eritrea has nothing to do with the word Habesha because Eritrea is the result of NINE TRIBES bloodshed and hardwork !

  72. Long Live our dearest PIA and his fellow heroes who continue to work hard for the good of the Eritrean people and our Nation!
    Our love and respect for our exemplary leaders and our dearest Tegadelti will for ever shine!
    Zelalemawi zkri nsematatna!

  73. Eritreans cannot expect from traitors and the enemies to say
    anything good about PIA. The fact is to Eritreans, he is living legend, a hero and a man of principle. Eritreans have full trust and confidence on
    him to full fill the purpose and dream of our fallen & living heroes.
    Eritreans know he sacrificed his entire life for their independence and
    dignity. As far as Eritreans concern PIA is a fighter who is simply giving life time national service and nothing Eritreans can do to pay for his national service except to thank him and give him the respect he deserves. To the present Eritreans and future Eritreans he will be the eternal shining star over Eritrea symbolizing Eritrean heroism, stamina, independence, self reliance, confidence and dignity.
    It is time we all Eritreans tell what is deep in our hearts
    about how much we respect and love our great leader who made a tremendous sacrifices and contribution for us to realize our independence and dignity. Yes it is difficult to selectively talk about
    an individual contribution when there are thousands of them who made equal contribution who we also equally respect and love them for their great effort and sacrifices on behalf of the Eritrean people. Keeping this fact in mind, since our enemies are attacking the greatness of one of our great heroes and beloved son of Eritrea using traitor’s websites such as Asmarino, Awate, Assena and other anti Eritrean websites which are hired by the enemies of Eritrea, we need
    to educate the world all the facts. Nowadays the world is getting daily dose of intoxicating American administration and its servant’s shameless lies. It is true that these liars can not fool Eritreans in which the proof of this fact was demonstrated in New York
    when the president came for the UN general assembly. But with their propaganda power they can fool and confuse the politically unconscious people in the world.
    The Eritrean enemies and traitors are using democracy and
    constitution to defame PIA. The fact the constitution is not being fully
    implemented in Eritrea, who is to be blamed for this? We all know that it is the US and its Woyane servants. Our top priority now is our national security and sovereignty which is violated by the woyane regime with the help of the US. All problems in Eritrea now are directly attributed to the
    crimes of the wayane regime and the US against the peaceful people of Eritrea. Eritreans are lucky to have a great leader like Isaias. We have full confidence on him that the action he took is in the best interest of the Eritrean people. When the right time comes he will be the first one to push for real democracy and implementation of the constitution. He has a proven record to be trusted. Let’s not kid ourselves we need to focus in defending our nation first and then talk about cosmetics and luxury (by the way there is no real democracy any were in
    the world now but fake and feel good democracy). Real democracy takes time. Real democracy can only be realized when there is economic justice. We have to remember our enemies are trying to
    use the weaknesses of the so called democratic process to achieve their evil intention against our sovereignty and independence. Isaias has the responsibility to protect the interest of the Eritrean people.

    Long live to the great Eritrean Hero President Isaias Afworki!

  74. Dawit! I read all your comments. It seems to me that you have personal hatred towards oneself. Why? If you are a real concerned Eritrean you should have been very considerate to what is achieved so far and give constructive criticism. I don't know how old you are but I would like to tell you there were times where Eritreans elite and highly educated persons were killed out of the blue: just because they are Eritreans. You are propagating false history in order to make yourself a true Eritrean. Don't be a fool! Remember the proverb 'wesha bekedede jebe yegebale' . It was because of our forefathers fault the war last for 30 years. We were united and no force stopped us for our independence. It was after two years referendum was carried. It was a wise decision. If we unite no one will attack us. 'Der beyaber anbessa yaser.

  75. delusional article, you forgot the all many eritrean tegadelti that have given their live and youth for their people. instead you are idolizing one man as the sole giving almighty figure... you are even not really informed on who was the leader of EPLF for the majority of the existence of the organization i.e. Romodan Mohamed Nur, iseyas was his deputy until 1987... but that's another history... The fact is Iseyas from our hero is turning out to be our monster... as the saying goes "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely" we are witnessing every day more of it. The lakeys of the System are trying their best to adopt cult based propaganda on the president, but we eritreans know better as we paid with the lives of our dear sisters and brothers to achieve our independence...

    good try budy next time include all the achievement on the ground of iseyas afwerki, I mean, beside all propaganda, give details of the battles led by iseyas all the brave actions done by him... it's not enough to say hi is superman who gave us independence by his sole force

  76. You don't see us Eritreans claiming Meles because he is half Eritrean or Bereket Saimon 100% Eritrean and others like them to us they are all Evil weyanes.But you inferior ridden Tgrayans want to claim anything Eritrean,instead

    you should learn from us a thing or two.

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