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Italy's Deputy Minister Lapo Pistelli visits Eritrea

Italy's Deputy Minister Lapo Pistelli visits Eritrea

Italy's Deputy Minister Lapo Pistelli visits Eritrea

Italy's Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lapo Pistelli, visited Eritrea today and met with President Isaias Afwerki.

During their lengthy meeting, the two sides agreed to strengthen bilateral cooperation and coordination on regional matters.

"It's time to start over", said Pistelli at the conclusion of the meeting.

"I wanted to make it clear to President Isaias personally here in Asmara that Italy is ready to show a new willingness, that will certainly enable the mutual trust that has been lacking among us for many, many decades."

The Deputy Minister's visit to Eritrea marks the first time a senior Italian government official has visited the country in over a decade.

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  1. Even though I know italian politicians are not of the most pragmatic one, I hope they could play a big role on implementing the EEBC verdict and of course other bilateral ties would be good. Then things will flow as a consequence.

  2. Mikhael MihretaebJuly 2, 2014 at 1:16 PM

    Well, I do not trust Italians and Never forgive them.

  3. Fuck mafiacy we are way better than those mafian in Roma what are going to learn from Them corruption

  4. fact1. Italy is in front line countries where Eritrean refugees end up or washed out by water.
    Fact 2.Italy is one of the nations where fascist parties are getting popularity because of illegal immigrants.
    Fact 3.Italy is a country in EU who decided to stop any flow of immigrants by all means.
    Fact 4.Not only EU,AU and UN are up in arms to get rid of Mr.Afworki who is a reason for this problem.
    If any one thinks this diplomat is coming to Asmara to befriended with Shabia leader,he is wrong.

  5. the Italians are not reliable and have done nothing tangible use of the prevailing opportunity in investing in eritrea. They are loosing the opportunity. Why they have gone now to eritrea is because they feel the heat of the exodus of refugees from Syria Ethiopia, Sudan, and all other African countries including eritrea. They believe the migrants are majority from Eritrea. It is time now the government of eritrea shows it clearly that

    1. The majority are Ethiopians and Sudanese Not Eritreans
    2. Human traffickers are bleeding supported, encouraged by countries like Italy, who are now helping them in receiving the transported goods to rich the soil of Italy, so Italy is one of the countries to blame for the ex hoods.
    3". Italy has given the opportunity traffickers to flourish in Italy and the Gang network starts in Italy. The gang of smugglers are Eritreans and Ethiopians including the gov of ethiopia who is supporting human traffickers to open bank accounts to deposit the money appropriated from smuggling people.

    4. Italy and other European countries are the safe hav en for the smugglers, rapists, thieves, terrorists and all sorts of human a users.

    Let now Italy start to open all the investigation and give eritrea a full right to be part of the investigation that has led to human misery, loss sof hundreds sof thousand of human lives, . It is this time around when the Italian government has come to know that all or most was their faults and let the investigation be open , eritrean authorities take full part in the investigation and ask to handover of the criminals as it is the first hand victim of the smugglers.

  6. For what they are visiting Eritrea?
    To help dictator Isias.
    Isias Afewerki is brutal 5,000,000 Eritreans are imprisoned.
    The Italians know the brutality of Isias Afewerki
    They see tragedy of Eritreans du to Isias.
    How can this be really to co-operate with Isias?
    This is not logic and I really sorry.

  7. #Solomon, ya you will be very sorry, detractors and sell outs like you have tried to hamper us but we said No No No.

  8. The disgraceful con artist Isaias Afewerqi is attempting to exploit the visit by the Italian to his favor as a means of prolonging his relentless pogrom on our people and country. The fact of the matter is : the visit was triggered in response to the overwhelming number of Eritrean youngsters who are escaping the pogrom of the monster and usurper, Isaias Afewerqi, and finding temporary refuge in Italy.
    Genuine Eritreans,
    Remember, there is nothing Isaias Afewerqi can't say to gain the cooperation of our people as he exterminates them by any means necessary..................
    1.The so called Demhit are his own private tegaru forces to be used in the event of Eritrean Armed Forces are awaken from their slumber to resurrect their country and people .
    2. The 2011 National Election he talked about in New York, which he readily retracted soon after he returned to Eritrea.
    3. The 2011 Catholic University construction in Eritrea he aired through his zombies has never materialized because he was lying.....
    4. Lately, he is falsely airing Science College Construction in Eritrea by the Chinese.
    5. in 1966 he joined ELF, where he readily metamorphed into Qiada Al Ama spy against unwitting University students of the Christian Highland. Yes, by so doing and becoming proficient Arab language learner, he duped the members of Qiada Al Ama leadership into trusting him and granting him scholarship in the Communist China. But treacherous that he is/was, soon after he returned from China, he stabbed their back by branding them Haredti Qentselti.
    You must understand, treacherous Isaias did not turn on Qiada Al Ama because of any regret of his criminal activities against the unwitting University students but to deceptively gain the trust of the highlanders, and within that context of trust, to continue relentlessly his onslaught on the elites of the Christian Highland what he had started with Qiada Al Ama. This was exactly what he did throughout the Liberation Era.

  9. To the history of Eritrea and the Eritrean people, who has connection and familiarity from European countries suppose to be Italy and Sweden. But the most anti Eritrea and pro Ethiopia countries in Europe in my opinion was Italy and Sweden During Haile Selassie feudal barbarism , Derge fake communism terror, and Weyane ethnic cleansing and occupation. these two countries( Italy and Sweden) stud against Eritrea and was/is the most staunch supporters of the three various brutal Ethiopian occupiers for over seventy years. So, I would not make much hope of Italy and Sweden suddenly to change their bad history to ward Eritrea.

  10. Agame qomal why do not you follow Ayga form web site qondaf

  11. it is not the "economic boom" eritreas or nostalgia what suddently brings the italians to visit eritrea- wow.....and that in the shape of a high official, not an handshaking good night saying ambassador, no Mister Deputy Minister in person.......

    .... no no no ...

    it has something to do with the mass on refugees what italy is facing. as we all know, the refugees comes usually from somalia, syria and of course ERITREA....please calm down PIA FANS....yes ethiopia is also a huge source of refugees....but they prefer to travel to saudi, god knows why

    in the past, italy gave the refugees a passport (schengen agreement) and a little money, so that they can go on their journey northwards (switzerland, holland, germany norway, sweden, etc) .....

    but now the pressure of the EU is too high. the EU insists that the refugees remain in the country, what they have first entered (fingerprint) ..... that means italy has to care for them ..... in recent months multiple countries like german, switzerland, holland, norway deported eritrean back to italy looks for a alternative solution.....

    italy, mafia or not ..... smart they are .... first they encourage the refugees after arrival in Italy to resume their journey ..... and since its no longer works now, they go to the source, where the problem is located

    A fictitious talk between PIA and The Deputiy Minister:

    Minister: buongiorno signore presidente
    PIA: buongiorno signore ministro

    Minister: nice to be here, like home
    PIA: nice to have here, but please, dont start with phrase...lets have a bira first

    Minister: si, con piacere
    PIA: I know, mr minister, what is the reason for your visit, I mean its long time ago....

    Minister: well, you are right....but lets start a new decade of partnership....
    PIA: hmmmmmmmm

    Minister: as you know, we have couple of thousands of eritrean youth stranded in our country.....and we would like to ask...(Interuption PIA)

    PIA: wait, what are you talking....our youth are all here...I am sure they are ethioian to use eritrean identity

    Minister: well, most of them have an eritrean ID card, and can exactly make clear from where they coming from

    PIA: it doenst matter, they are bunch of liar, who wish to have a pride jigna eritrean identity....

    Minister: so, you dont want take them back..
    PIA: well, for sure....but we expect an DNA test to prove they are REAL ERITREANS

  12. I thought you are matured person. To my dismay, you tried your best to distort the fate of the Addis university(Siriya Addis) by Qiada Al Ama and the splinter of PIA from Qiada Al Ama. PIA himself was the victim of Qiadel Al Ama. What about your former boss Siyum Oqbamichael who was the mastermind for the elimination of Falul. I'm not like you to wallow to the old game AMA vs MIDADA. It is totally an outdated game.
    - PIA learned Arabic because he is smart.
    - PIA split from the religious and tribal oriented Qiada Al Ama because he had a vision of free Eritrea.
    - PIA graduated from China and became an efficient leader at liberating Eritrea without any handouts.

  13. Who are your private security forces TPLF. Do cry Lauder. Old dog your voice is gone with Meles Chenawi

  14. @Eri

    may I ask, how old you are?

  15. You tried your best Agamino. The trues is, unlike 91 million begars popet(protistituted) to west, PIA is gaining self respect through his hard work for self sufficiency and beyond. He tackled all obstacles agaist all odds thanks to his proud leadership. Now you can cry as laud as you can. Soon you will die of stomoko precise like your father Meles Chenawi

  16. if people like you are the avant-garde to expland and defend the
    government policy to the diaspora community.......then, the collapse are

  17. they are visiting eritrea, because they want try to send back eritrean refugees who entered in mass italy. norway starts talks with eritrea too, same aim

    it has nothing to do with co-operation. they just try to handle the problems, and they know its located in eritrea itself in form of the government

  18. Kid hara'e. poletica felite elka dika. Akmka tezareb. Husur maere nebsu yehsreka zibliwo kemzinatka eye.

  19. Ask your sister, she will definitely tell you.

  20. You remind me of the Ad, ...
    A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  21. Wow!
    You just murdered the English language.
    Who spelled "your name" Solomon for you?
    I just hope English is not your first language :)

  22. Wow another woyane tec worrior, why sweat so much to expose your fake cry for Eritrea by off oading what is your dead brain! so much so that you have gone decades back to sooth your frustration, oh boy,oh boy Demhit is your nemsis so go and fight them instead of mouthing behind the pc from miles away!!!!

  23. Ariel you might be a new woyane tec worrior but let me tell you some facts, you said "the collapse are not far .."
    but you have or perhapes your handlers have and still are saying it for the last 10, 20, 30 or 40 years but to the dismay of our enemies and you too, we got our independence and still you and they, planned for our distigration from day 1 we got our indpendence none of that happend and it will never happen, so be realistic instead of a jock of a town clown! smell and feel the reality; we live in a different era that you can lie so much and wish so much but the world and Eritrea are not run like that.
    Wakey wakey it 11 o'clock cookulooku!!!!!

  24. Yes, italy should hand over the evil priest prat Mussie, in sweden Meron the daughter of the dergue oromo colonel, in UK Selam another daughter of dergues colonel and the poor trader's daughter Elsa qorata in UK, all they should be handed over this human traffikes misery peddlers and the rest rif raf the likes of Amanule the mad and lier Melles ass licker and the imbecils in Canada the hagos's the Berhans all should be picked and shipped back via libya to Eritrea and hope they perish in the med sea like they have helped to perish thousands of innocent lives.

  25. Lets wait and see if your wild fantacy will come a reality. For how many years you predic(dreamt) that, how many years you went to TPLF and knocked the west doors, how many years you used fake (dirty) propganda to divid the ppl,
    Lets say your dream come through, You so called Ambrela 30 coalition. What would be your AGENDA. Religious division? Etnisity division? Separatism ideology? Weyane dependant? Blaming afterwards when everything is too late. Because of PIA blaha blaha blaha ......
    I know it's beyond your capacity to answer. Westerns, those your gods of democracy would just brought you into their trap, precis like Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Mali........

  26. Useless comment just waste of space!
    Enjoy with Temesgen Yared song " Ane Mess Kalshney Helaget Nay Gedil Serihe Mestenker"

  27. I would say to early for Birra may be CAFE, you also missed when he said how much Euro are you going to give us to take them back:)

  28. Is every country claiming back their colony ??? having said that there were so many Italians who were born and bread in Eritrea who wanted to invest,retrun and help Eritrea as soon as it gained independence but they were looked with so much suspicion by the government . Some of them had their investment (business plan )stolen from them only to be implemented by the government...this is a good news the starting point for Eritrea should also include the well coming of the Italians by blood - Eritreans by heart as they could also bridge the gap between Italy & Eritrea.

  29. Ariel Sharoon
    There are so many Ethiopian coming to Italy and faking to be Eritrean ETHi don't travel just to Arabs Country there are million of you around the world even useing Somali passport.
    Milan is full of morron Woyanne where you come from.
    Shut up.

  30. yeb -:), that is the reason, why GOE should expect an DNA test lol

    but we should start with yourself, perhaps you are "woyane" who likes to see eritrean youth suffering......

    plea of not guilty, will not help

  31. Vic, you are so right....I am sure he will make terms like this

  32. to give you an answer my friend, I lost my last trust in PIA and his government last year (after the lampedusa accident)

    before that, I payed my 2% and more and was quit....this means, not that I followed blind the GOE and its policy, but I didnt say something, I just accepted how it was.....I knew that the prisons are full with people without trail, I knew that eritrean suffer on mass as refugees (specialy in arab god damit countries, I knew that development is de facto nonexistent and that nobody can say, in which state/situation eritrea and its economy is....I knew it all...EVERYBODY KNOWS THAT

    You know what, the moment in which the lampedusa accident happend, and the reaction of ERI-TV, PIA and his government- do you remember, the spoke about " illegal african refugees"- although, the whole world knews from which country these guys are from. That was the moment, THAT REACTION...pisses me off. They give a shit on their own people.

    I´v finished with them....there is nothing to defend. They got their chance and they each regard.....

  33. defamation and deny will not help....

    people are voting with their feeds, you did it long time ago...there is nothing to add

  34. ha ha, old dog with empty head....please, be a good lemming

  35. Reaching out to Eritrea: Italy Seeks to Encourage End to Isolation
    (Vatican Radio 3 July) After the tragedy of the boat that sank off Italy’s Southern Island of Lampedusa, came first the appeal of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, for a global response. Then recently, the Catholic Bishops in Eritrea issued a pastoral letter calling on Eritreans to do some soul searching. Now Italy is reaching out to the Eritrean Government.

    The Italian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lapo Pistelli, has visited Eritrea where he met that country’s President Isaias Afwerki and government officials. According to the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the visit is meant to re-start Ital–Eritrean relations.

    “It’s time for a new start” declared Pistelli. He went on to state that “I am here today to bear witness to our determination to revitalise our bilateral relations and try to foster Eritrea’s full reinstatement as a responsible actor and key member of the international community in the stabilisation of this region”.

    The Italian Government will no doubt be trying to find a solution to the problem of migrants leaving Eritrea. Said Pistelli, “I came here to enable Italy and Eritrea embark on the road to cooperation in all sectors of mutual interest, given that many of the security and migration problems that affect Italy actually originate in this part of the region. To achieve that cooperation, I wanted to clarify, in person, to President Isaias here in Asmara that Italy is ready to show a new willingness to engage and to rekindle that mutual trust that has been lacking between our two countries for many, too many, decades”.

    In October 2013, hundreds of African migrants, mostly from Eritrea and Somalia died while many were missing after a boat carrying them sank off the Southern Italian Island of Lampedusa. The Holy Father, Pope Francis then appealed for a global effort to prevent such a tragedy from happening again. Earlier in July of that year, the Holy Father, Pope Francis had decried the "global indifference" to the plight of migrants headed for the shores of Europe.

    Recently, Eritrean Catholic Bishops in their pastoral letter entitled, “Where is your brother?” marking the 23rd anniversary of that country’s independence, which was celebrated on 25 May 2014, addressed themselves to the crisis of emigration in the country. The pastoral letter signed by the four bishops, Mengsteab Tesfamariam, Eparch of Asmara; Tomas Osman, Eparch of Barentu; Kidane Yeabio, Eparch of Keren and Feqremariam Hagos, Eparch of Segeneti stated, “there is no reason to search for a country of honey if you are in one… Instead of Eritreans aiming to leave their country, those who are in the Diaspora should have returned….it is not rational to simply ask why our youth are leaving to foreign countries.”

    Although Italy is Eritrea’s second commercial partner, trade remains negligible, given Asmara’s isolation. One goal of Pistelli’s visit was to encourage the Eritreans to engage in constructive dialogue with the countries of the region with a view to contributing to the stability of the Horn of Africa, establishing development policies, and signing up to a shared commitment to protect human rights and to combat terrorism and trans-national crime

    The new initiative to Asmara by the Italian Government marks the first time a senior Italian government official has visited Eritrea in over a decade

  36. Listen to the music and enjoy !

    History is going to haunt you all your life

  37. Do you want the Govt to clap clap hands and say - job well done - to smugglers ?
    I guess you are good enough with your crocodile tears. It is not in our tradition, eventhough we lost precious lives, hot blood nationalists, educated youth with their bright future, we do not fake cry to any Eritrean. NEVER ! They are the offer of woyane and colaborators. May God bless their soul.

  38. Bring the bodies HOME ! Make the fake priests cry river.

  39. I don't have any issue with what you said but there is a difference between what is proven and what is to be proved. In the mining industry in Eritrea a lot of the mining companies are mining in the area or vicinity of where the Italians were mining for gold...also probably the Italians were mining there because the locals were sieving gold there.. The point is the skeleton of the business plan might be on the open for everyone but not the details.

  40. excuse me, you have nothing to say...same old story....guess what, societies should make step forward....what we face is tragedy after tragedy after tragedy....

    YOUR WRITE:"Democracy doesn't come over night. What is a balot of paper if most population go hangry"

    stop using quotation from PIA, if you used, say that its from often, we heard this from him in recent interview...start using you own mind, start using you own word pool....

    YOU WRITE: "PIA is the one who doesn't live luxury but spend every penny on reinvestment"

    so what, only because he is not a corrupt greedy normal african dictator, that makes him not an angel

    what you talking about REINVESTMENT. are you an insider? how do you know that?

    there is no state budget published, or investment plan or, how the hell do you know, that he is reinvesting every penny.

    tell me, how do you know that? do you know,

    but I will tell you what I know, see or read- by the way, each publish by GOE

    its always, the same....I only see construction plans, 3D-modells, promised projects- some projects specialy in health care/education (hospital/shools), what they claim, that they planed and build it....

    but if you do research, you will find out, that most of them are planed. finance and builded for example by geman NGO, finance through german/european fonds and donates.they also take responsibility for the maintance and qualification of the staff.

    but the best is, pictures like this above, from so calling investors, without name, without source, with no time ok, second time ok, third ok.....but how often they want to repeat this story.....dont try to dress an old women in a skirt.

    DUDE, you can not deny that Eritrea- whatever is your opinion in regard constitution of whatever- but this country need a minimum of transparent

    time is running away, at the moment its not only time, its a whole generation....think about that

  41. you are just a selfish shameless person, with no moral value, except you own aim and false understanding of pride or whatever....

    did you clap on your hands as your hear that the death from lampedusa are young eritrean.....did you clap into your hands and saiy, they earned, because they are traitors?

    Did you say or thought it?

    By the way, they are still thousands refugees in sudan, egypt and libya.

    do you saw any actions from the government to bringt them home, to rescue them. like any other govenment would try to do it?

    ps: be happy, that you vote with you feed long time ago- otherwise you would be traitor today

  42. Bro, do WHAT YOU WANT TO BELIEVE. RESEARCH WHAT YOU WANT TO RESEARCH. But all I can say is that you are far from reality. Simply ኣብ ኩናት ዘይወዓለ በሊሕ፡ life is not easy. Specially when you start from below 0. In Eritrea, there is mountains of priorities. But we are getting there. Every question you rise will be solved by the time your seconds ticking.
    But what are you going to do if time is running out for you. Chatting on Madote? Or joining W. Vacaro? If so? Ask were your money is put up. Cause, long time ago during Jebha, multi million members dollar, disappeared in the hand of few individual rep. I'm pretty sure W. Vacaro and Simer individuals benefiting from your ho ho ho.
    እዚ ወ'ደሓንካ

  43. Fuck Ethiopia, Fuck Woyane, Fuck Jebha, Fuck Vacaro and all other Old diying man, whose all lives in crystal ball, surrounded by fantasia....whose people can not look 5 minutes into the future....

    to own a country is one thing, to run a country is a other and your generatioin failed in each regard....just a bunch of loosers, who are complety pathetic and prefer to live in old heroic give a dam on eritrea or your own future, not to mention the future of your kids- but why should you, finally you have the past, and can say....hey I was part of the struggle, and go drunk to bed....

    this leading generation had the option to be heros, heros for all time, not only for the eritrean youth, for all africa- even in europe, this leading generation, had much sympathy. but they destroy everthing. damage through ignoranz, stupidity and intransparent. they running eritra like their own property....Fuck it, you have nothing in comon with the people in eritrea. Fuck you, then you PRIORITY is to stay abroad.....Anyway, I am still young, time is on my side. I will survie you and the rest of the brainless bigoted pupets.

    again, fuck you too, because you have nothing to contribute, only the same bullshit message all time long, all time long....

    go back to eritrea, live among them, and take you god damit wife and kids with you....more I have not to say...

  44. Ha ha ha. Lol. I understand your frustration. All the best bro

  45. EU is hurting economically and now coming back to its long forgotten colonies for exploitation and to counter-ballace the Chines-Russian influence on Eritrea. Fuck Italy / Fuck EU / Fuck NATO / Fuck UN / and double Fuck the US.

  46. what's up Ariel. You seems to me that the knot in your neck is getting tight intentionally. Cool down. Use your brain instead of your filthy mouth.

  47. Hienock,
    Which of the following countries would fare better in defending itself and growing its economy, the country of the slaves, like yourself who do not use their God given intelligence and instead sheepishly do the bidding of their masters, or the country of the assertive people?

  48. Eri,
    You are worshipping TPLF, usurper/ impostor
    Isaias Afewerqi. Go to Tselot, Asmera and ask the people; they will tell you his origin. If however you are unable to do it, read the new book by an Eritrean author, a veteran tegadalai Andebrhan Weldegergis.


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