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Eritrea: 14th Bi-Weekly Newsletter Released

College Graduation Ceremony in Asmara

Eritrea: 14th Bi-Weekly Newsletter Released

The Press Section of the Permanent Mission of the State of Eritrea to the AU and UNECA has released its fourteenth edition of its bi-weekly newsletter.

Click here to read the previous newsletter.

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Eritrea: 14th Bi-Weekly Newsletter Released Reviewed by Admin on 1:08 PM Rating: 5


  1. Number of Graduates from various Eritrean Academic institutions in 2014 was only 3958, it is very sad.
    In past 20 year Eritrean Education sector gone backward. by the way Eritrean refugee in Ethiopia Universities got better than in Eritrea.

  2. Enjoy the pictures Agame/Amhara

  3. Eritrea is the problem child of Africa;Right after independence fought Yemen,Djibouti,The sudan and Ethiopia.Its people leaving in droves since independence,trekking the sinai,and of course hundreds that daily drown in the Mediterranean. Still they talk about their Eritrea being ....Eritrean=lies and deceit.


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