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Djibouti TV LIVE - Watch Djibouti TV Online

Radio Television of Djibouti (RTD) began broadcasting in the 1940s, during the colonial period in French Somaliland.[1] In 1967, the Office of French Radio and Television (ORTF) installed a regional station overseas in Djibouti City. The city is today a center for broadcast media, with a number of radio and television stations airing from there.

Radio Television of Djibouti is a general news and entertainment channel. It broadcasts in four languages: Somali, Afar, Arabic and French.

The broadcasting schedule is composed of news, cultural programs, series, entertainment and variety. Through Badr-6 satellite, the station's transmission can be received in North Africa, Europe, the Near and Middle East. Some of its programs are also streamed on the internet.

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  1. Gadda Geya ! Peace and love to Afar people.


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